Myrnam River Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club

History of the “Myrnam River Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club”

Our community of Myrnam has always had a love for snowmobiling but with a lack of marked trails we were very limited in the areas we were able to enjoy. A few of us decided that the only way we were going to get more trails and expand our sport was to start a snowmobiling club, and in the fall of 2000, we did. We knew that if we wanted to have private landowners give us access to their land, we needed to provide them with insurance and that we needed to become part of the ASA. In 2001 we contacted the Alberta Snowmobile Association and started the process of becoming an association. After much debate we selected the name North Saskatchewan River Ridge Riding Club – we later shortened the name to River Ridge Riders.

We started out with one existing cabin located next to the North Saskatchewan River and had almost no trail. During our first year we did the paper work with landowners and got a signed trail from Myrnam to our first cabin. In 2002, we worked to make a trail from Myrnam to meet up with the Two Hills club and their new cabin which was also located west along the river.

After a much needed break we decided to expand our trail to Derwent and by 2004 it was accomplished. In 2005 we continued our trail system to make a loop that would connect Derwent to the river cabin. This addition really benefited our club and gave us over 100 km of signed, marked trail.

Out of necessity we decided that we needed a new warm up cabin south of Myrnam. By 2008 we had moved in a new build cabin, later sided it and it became – “The South Cabin”.

With so much trail to maintain we were in desperate need of a trail groomer and purchased a 2002 Ski-doo Skandic and a new 4x8 ft. LaCrosse drag.

In the spring of 2010, we were sad to discover that a fire had destroyed our original cabin located by the North Saskatchewan River. We decided to rebuild and relocate the cabin 1.5 miles west of the original site.

In 2011, we have started the process of building a new cabin near Derwent. Our club has also seen membership grow and annually sell nearly 100 trail passes. We are glad to see so many Derwent community members join and revitalize our club.
Also in 2011 we were honored with the "ASA Excellence Award for Northeast Club of the Year".

In 2013 the Club was awarded the "ASA Excellence Award for Northeast Club of the Year". The Club was also awarded the "ASA Excellence Award for ALBERTA Club of the Year".  Also in 2013 we purchased a new Arctic Cat Bearcat and groomer with drag.  We also took opportunity to sell our older unit.

In 2014 we purchased a Bombardier Bombie and 6x8 groomer and drag.  In 2014 three  club members won the following ASA Awards:
Groomer of the Year:                         David Trachuk
Youth Snowmobiler of the Year:      Nathan Trachuk
Snowmobiler of the Year:                 Addam Saruk

As always we look forward to the continued growth and expansion of our club and its activities.